Multimodal Altamira, an expert company in cargo handling and transportation, has in its logistic scheme a Cold Storage and Freezing Warehouse, a facility dedicated to maintain a controlled environment for the safekeeping, preservation, and inspection of perishable goods.

Ensuring that there are no temperature variations, not only during storage, but throughout the entire process, including delivery and receipt of cargo, is the backbone of this business segment. 

Its chambers reach up to -25°C, which varies according to what the product requires to preserve its properties, thus extending its life cycle. Likewise, they have complementary services such as cross dock or cross platform, considerably reducing storage times and logistics costs for their customers, thanks to their air-conditioned transfer and circulation aisle. Its electrical outlets to deliver energy to refrigerated containers or reefers, allow them to optimize the results of the cold chain.

In addition to this model, there is a Zoosanitary Verification and Inspection Point, regulated by the SADER-SENASICA authorities, where products or derivatives of animal or aquaculture origin are inspected daily outside the port, facilitating the transfer processes to its customers, and putting Altamira on the map for the reception of this type of merchandise.

Since it is essential not to “break” any link in the cold supply to ensure the quality of perishable goods, Multimodal closes this circle in a virtuous circle, with modern refrigerated transport units that allow cargo to be transferred at stable temperatures.

With these and other actions, Grupo Multimodal continues to be at the forefront and committed to making Logistics that gives confidence, as it has been doing for more than 24 years.