Bonded warehouse

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  • Stripping and stuffing containers, packaging, indoor storage, change of mode of transport from container to truck, or vice versa; reception of empty container.

  • Verification points for products of animal and/or vegetable origin, controlled by SADER SENASICA.

Refrigeration and Freezing Warehouses

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  • Temperature controlled storage, delivery and receiving (refrigerated or frozen).

  • Packaging, cross docking.

  • External connection for transport units and refeers.

  • Refrigerated transfer and circulation aisle.
  • Access with leveling ramps and hydraulic skids.
  • Verification points for meat products, controlled by SADER SENASICA.

Attention to Shipping Lines

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  • Repairs and refurbishments certified by IICL.

  • Attached to international standards and criteria.

  • Availability of equipment in one day.


Local transport

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  • Transfers of diverse goods between terminals.
  • Transfer of loose and containerized cargo to our different operational areas.
  • Optimal service, which ensures the protection of the cargo and the preservation of the cold chain when it exists.
  • The greatest number of deliveries in the shortest possible time.
  • Satellite monitoring of units.

Dedicated Transportation

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  • Transportation plans designed according to the client’s needs.
  • Operation according to the logistics and schedules defined by the client.
  • Modern fleet and expert operators available.
  • Satellite monitoring of units.

National Warehouses and distribution centers

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  • Stripping and stuffing of containers, indoor warehousing, packing, locating and redirecting inventories.

  • Indoor and outdoor (paved area) warehouses.

  • General cargo and food grade warehouses.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Railway Terminal

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  • Railroad spur.

  • Two kilometers on 3 pairs of tracks.

  • 2 own trailing locomotives.

  • Support locomotives.

  • Loading and unloading of containers to railroad.

  • Storage of rail hoppers / Ferro tanks full / empty.


Weighing scales

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Container scale and issuance of MBV/VGM certificates.


Specialized Transportation

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  • Adequate transportation logistics from port to plant or from one plant to another.
  • Modern fleet and qualified operators that guarantee the optimal fulfillment of projects.
  • Rigorous safety procedures.
  • We serve plants, yards, warehouses, port terminals, etc.
  • Satellite monitoring of units.